Just in front of you, a man collapses in a station, a woman chokes in a coffee shop, or a young girl falls off her bike in the park. You could be faced with any of these situations, any day of the week…

Would you be ready to react
and give first aid to these people?

Would you know exactly what to do?

Take part and test your knowledge
through 11 specific situations
selected by the Belgian Red Cross!

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In 2019, the Belgian Red Cross gave 37,000 people
the confidence to respond to emergencies.
Being trained in first aid means you can save lives!

An adult looks lifeless

Check if the person reacts. Check if the victim is breathing. Call 112. Carry out reanimation until help arrives.

A wound is bleeding heavily

Apply direct compression to the wound until help arrives. Lay the victim down. Call 112. If necessary, apply a compression bandage.

A person complains of severe chest pain

Keep the victim as still as possible. Place the person in a seated or semi-seated position. Call 112. Check if the victim has medication to take.